Theaters In The Villages®


There are three theaters in The Villages® proper, with a Third being in the new Paddock Town Square. They show the latest movies with ample times in order to fit into your busy retirement schedules! I have been to all three of them, and they are all very nice.

The surrounding population to The Villages® also regularly come to the movies and to the Town Squares for the FREE nightly entertainment. Villagers do get a small discount with their ID card. The Rialto is in Spanish Springs on the square. You can't miss it!

The Old Mill Playhouse is located at Lake Sumter Landing, and it would be hard to miss also. I found this website on Google that tells all of the times and movies that are playing. I hope you find it useful. Enjoy the show! Click here for Movie Times

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Churches in The Villages®, Florida Community

Churches are abundant in The Villages community! I have visited several, but I ended up driving outside The Villages® to the Fruitland Park Community Methodist Church. I was in search of a church that reminded me of the one I love in Missouri. I tend to frequent the Contemporary Service more than the others, probably because I like to hear the band.

However, we have every faith I can think of here in The Villages®, with a place to worship for it. So no worries there. There are several within golf cart range. The church and places of worship listings are in the Saturday edition of The Villages Daily Sun, which is The Villages community Newspaper.

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