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Welcome to an informative, insider website that gives someone new to  this community a candid look at what goes on inside and surrounding this amazing community. It also gives myself and others a chance to relate useful information to new and seasoned Villagers by asking others to tell about their experiences about what it is like to retire in Florida.

Like many Baby Boomers who have reached their retirement goals early, my husband and I were searching the country for another residence or a place to relocate, one that would provide us with lots of sunshine and plenty to keep us busy.  It was mostly my idea to retire in Florida, so I had to get hubby on board!

With no state income tax, great weather, and beaches nearby, The Villages®, Florida community was our ticket to a fun filled rewarding early retirement.

Why Choose The Villages Community?

According to one of the Real Estate Associates, The Villages Community is 75 square miles of golf cart paths leading to everything from golf, to tennis, bocce ball, pickleball, shuffleboard, pottery club, to Zumba exercise classes, there is something here for everyone’s taste.

I cannot think of any wholesome activity that is not represented here in this Florida community. You could do at least one hundred different activities everyday if you had time!

The beaches are a short drive (most are 1 ½ -2 hours away,) and you can choose from either coast.  Don’t discount the nearby lakes, they are fantastic for fishing and boating! 

The Villages® Community is just far enough inland that hurricanes are not an issue.  Whether you plan on buying, renting, or staying in one of the hotels, I can assure you that you have never experienced a place quite like this!

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You will find yourself saying,“What’s Not To Love,” and “How Soon Can We Move!”  Click on the small pictures about for useful information concerning the many different aspects of Villages life, and links to websites that can give you even more insight on the way to retire in Florida. Many are interactive in order for all of us to learn from each other concerning everything from lawn care to favorite restaurants. There are also many tips on activities, day trips, and classes included.

I hope you enjoy this website,  as much as I am enjoying providing it for you.