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Update: 2014 Our Story Of Early Retirement

In an effort to stay true to my desire for this website to be full of truths, I have to say that early retirement has thrown us a curve.   Keep in mind that when you retire you will have more free time than you ever imagined.  So much extra time that a person such as my husband that is used to working all the time can have a difficult time adjusting.  Unfortunately, we have chosen to "uncouple".  We are both glad to have continued access to The Villages®, and all that it has to offer.  I am very glad that it is a very safe and secure place where you can still sleep with your window open if you so choose.  Advice to future "Villagers", sit down as a couple and make sure you are both on the same page of life!

Our story  of early retirement begins when my husband was 53, and I was 48 years old. We found ourselves giddy over the possibility that we could sneak into this “retirement community” under the 80/20 rule (20% of residents are allowed to be under the age of 55). Early retirement was looming. As we contemplated our choices, we loved the idea of a golf cart community, (where we could use the golf cart to travel to any activity available).

My husband looked forward to playing golf, and I was anticipating being creative. I have always liked the arts…painting, pottery, art glass, etc. We found exactly that here in Central Florida, in a community called “The Villages®.” We visited on several occasions, often wondering what the catch is; it seemed too good to be true! The story of our early retirement continues. In 2010 we decided to take the plunge and buy a home. We felt like we had done our research, and everyone we talked to validated our idea that The Villages® was a one of a kind community that would be around for many years.

It is now 2013, yes, my husband is still working and is slow to take early retirement, just as I anticipated might happen, but he loves the community so much that we have decided to upgrade to a larger also one story home with more toy space in the garage! We also decided that we will be here enough to warrant our own swimming pool, YEA! We have sold our smaller home and upgraded to a larger one.  The pool is awesome, and we love our new  neighbors in the Village  of Pennecamp!  

Keep in mind that you don't have to have a lot of money to enjoy this community. There are several homes that are just fine for around 175K. Everyone has access to all of The Villages community, and the downtown areas and cart paths, classes, etc.

My hat is off to the Morse family that has built this great community. Only a visionary like Mr. Schwartz  could have dreamed this big!  I also know that it takes a lot of care and talent on behalf of the descendants to continue the vision set by their Grandfather and Grandmother.  

In my opinion, anyone that complains about what has been done here, needs to venture out of the community because they have forgotten what the real world is like!

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