The Villages Town Squares

There are three town squares in The Villages, Florida Community.  They completed the new "Brownwood", which is south of 466A.  It is filling up with restaurants and retail stores.  I was glad to see Five Guys Burgers, and the new Scooples Ice Cream Shop.  The additional movie theater is a treat also.  The two other squares are called Spanish Springs and Lake Sumter Landing. As you can see by the pictures, they are very quaint, something you would imagine seeing 60 years ago, but with better paint jobs!

Lake Sumter Landing

 The clock below is in the town center of Lake Sumter Landing. If you look up on the yellow building, there is a LIVE webcam that runs 24 hours a day. You can be anywhere in the world and log on to check out what is going on at the Landing!

One night you will want to go to The Lake Sumter Landing Town Square. It is South of Hwy 466 off of Morse Ave. It has a waterfront village theme and is so pretty it just makes you want to sit outside in front of Starbucks and soak in the atmosphere! There is a much bigger dance floor compared to Spanish Springs, along with the entertainment pavilion, and ample room to saunter around. There are two drink shacks on either corner offering up your favorite beverage of the evening.

The nightly entertainment is from 5pm to 9pm. I haven't mentioned the car shows, parades, or vendor nights on both squares, there is always something going on!

This is a picture of President George Bush when he came to visit The Villages Community!

Sure enough, that's me, hanging out on one of the verandas around Lake Sumter Landing. There are places everywhere inside and out to meet with your friends and chat

There are approximately 19 restaurants and places to eat within walking distance of Lake Sumter Landing, including the Sweetbay grocery store. My favs are the Lighthouse Point Bar and Grille, and Cody's Roadhouse. Several different styles of restaurants are there, so you can be sure there is one to your liking. The shopping is good at Lake Sumter Landing. There are many shops such as Coldwater Creek and several boutique clothing stores. Others are Jos. A Bank, Izod, and Vanheusen. Just like Spanish Springs, you can also get a massage, have a pedicure, and get a hair cut all within walking distance. I like to find unusual gifts there to send back home. Lake Sumter Landing is situated on a huge lake. They give boat rides nightly for $2.00. It also is a great way to learn a few facts about Lake Sumter Landing, as the Captain of the ship is very knowledgeable! Don't be surprised if at sundown you sail past the Lighthouse Point Bar and Grill and you hear people singing a Jimmy Buffett song. It is tradition at the Lighthouse. I think Lake Sumter Landing is even prettier after dark, see what you think!

Spanish Springs

Spanish Springs was built first, and has a Spanish feel...hence the name. It is located North of Hwy 466. It has a waterfall on one side, a dance floor and entertainment pavilion, and ample space to sit and visit, or enjoy the nightly entertainment. The entertainment runs from 5pm to 9pm. every night. There is a drink shack on the corner that provides a great opportunity to partake of your favorite beverage while spending some time up town. The drink shack has a nightly drink special for those who like to budget their beverages!

Spanish Springs Town Square

Many people come to Spanish Springs just to people watch. My family comes to stare in awe at all of the people who love to dance and stay active in their later years. What a great example we are setting for our young folk. We are inspiring them to put down the TV remote, log out of Facebook, and move around. IMAGINE THAT!

Private Club For Villagers

There are several places to eat on and near the Spanish Springs Square. Of course there is Flippers, which I talk about in my restaurant section, it's great for Pizza, etc.

The Ay! Jalisco Mexican restaurant is excellent also, and very reasonably priced. Once I got a frozen margarita there, I'm not an avid drinker, but man was it good. That's really all I remember about that night. Even if you are in a golf cart you should have a designated driver!

Anyway, then there is Katy Belle's and the Cattle Baron Club, which are private dining clubs for The Villages Residents and their guests. You have to have a Villages ID to enter, or be a guest of someone who is. Talk about a happen' place! You can go there for a great steak dinner, then have cocktails and dancing all night long. Katie Belle's and the Cattleman's Club have your evening covered. There are about 10 other restaurant's that I failed to mention at Spanish Springs Town Square. I'm sure there is one that you will find to your liking.

If you ladies would like to do some shopping, park the men in front of the band, and head for the shops.

Shopping At Spanish Springs

Yes, it seems to me that the shops are geared more toward the women than the men in this world, but that's probably for good reason. There are some brand name shops like Chico's and Kirkland's, with some family owned places like Cozco Handcrafts and The Banner Mercantile, which has all of The Villages branded items.

There is a huge bowling alley right on the square at Spanish Springs. It is attached to the 3 Amigos Bowling Pro Shop on Alverez Ave. I haven't been there to bowl personally, but it looks like a great place to spend an afternoon.

Bowling At Spanish Springs

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