Hotels and Rentals

There are plenty of Hotels and overnight options available if you get your reservation ahead of time in and around The Villages. There are several places to stay, and rental homes, along with the Preview Program. The area is blooming with RV parks if you wish to come down in your RV.

You have four basic options: The Preview Program, a Hotel, a Rental Home, or an RV park. I have included some pictures of the places to stay, if you are like me you like to see where you will be staying ahead of time. They all have complimentary breakfast, except for the Waterfront Inn. I also included whether they are golf cart accessible, and their rating. I noted the pet policies also, so if you are bringing your pet, be sure and notice the difference in charges. If you know you would like to reserve a room, let find a room for you!

Preview Program

As I mentioned under the "Buying a Home" tab, The Villages Real Estate Division has a Preview Program where they rent you a villa for a reasonable price, lend you a golf cart, and give you incentives to use the facilities.

This lets you see what it is like to live like a "Villager". They also throw in coupons and freebies to some of the restaurants and shows. They do allow you to bring your pet for a one time $150. cleaning fee. There are no strings attached to this option that I am aware of. Trust me, when you see this place, you will be interested in knowing more about becoming a homeowner in The Villages.

The Program does fill up in the busy season, so call a few months ahead if you are thinking about using it. Once again I will mention my friend Kiernan Boles, who works for the Villages Real Estate Division. He will do his best to get you into the Preview Program. His phone number is 1-800-346-4556. His email is

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