Golf Is Everywhere In The Villages!


The golf courses here in The Villages are some of the prettiest I have seen. I say at least 28 because they are still building some. Many are next to wildlife preserves and they didn't take any shortcuts when they designed them. They tried to leave some of the natural vegetation like the huge trees. This really ads to the feel of the courses. Nothing like communing with nature while you are honing your game!

The courses are always designed and built first, before the housing development starts. They provide a buffer between the different Villages, and plenty of green space.

 Many Executive Golf Courses

The Executive 9 hole golf courses are FREE to play for any Village Resident. There is a small cart fee, but other than that they are yours to play, and play, and play! There is an automated system to reserve a tee time, or you can call or go into the clubhouse and talk to a person. You will need an $8.00 per month internet membership with in order to use the Automated Tee Time System.

The system is designed to give all residents fair and equal opportunities to obtain tee times. It also provides the wifi service at all recreation facilities, and other useful info, so you get more than just tee time from the monthly fee. Equal opportunity is made possible through a points system, where each player is assigned a point every time they receive a tee time. It is not a first come, first serve system. Players with the fewest points are assigned reservations ahead of those with more points.

My husband assumed that he would need to buy a Country Club membership in order to play a lot of golf. He later talked with a couple that plays everyday, and they said they have never had a problem getting a tee time. They did say that you may not get to play the exact course and time you wanted everyday, but you could certainly get a tee time daily.

If you are new in town, then your friends will be happy to play golf with you because you won't have any points, and will probably get your preferred tee time and preferred course! We found the tee time system to be a little tricky! They do have available a complimentary Course School you can attend, or you can pick up a copy of "Golfing In The Villages" at any of the Country Clubs.

I would advise you to take the course in order to make reserving a tee time a more pleasurable experience. We thought we had reservations once, got there and realized we had done it incorrectly, WOOPS! Makes you want to pay a little more attention to what Good Golf School is all about!

Championship Courses

The Championship courses are connected to the Country Clubs. A few of the Country Clubs offer instruction with a certified instructor. They can also fit you with the perfect new set of clubs. I have noticed that there are representatives from the various club manufactures there quite often. If you belong to the Country Club, you get priority for tee times, and the fee to play is less. You do not have to be a member to play the Championship courses, but you get a break on the fee. There are 9 Championship Courses and they are continuing to build more. My husband favors the Havana courses. He says they are challenging, but not so difficult that they aren't any fun.
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New Courses South Of 466A

There are new courses South of Highway 466A that are sprouting up everywhere! They are in and around the new development that will be near the new Paddock Town Square. As you can see, there is an abundance of courses any direction you look. Pack those clubs and get down here! Return from Golf To Home Page