Golf Carts Are Popular In The Villages

 The most popular mode of transportation in The Villages is definitely the Golf cart. They are very practical in a community such as this for many reasons. They are easily parked 2 or 3 to a parking space as you will see in the pictures on this website. This comes in handy when you drive it up to the square for the FREE nightly entertainment.

They are very easy to get in and out of, and there is no need to go home after golf, (unless you need to pick up your wife or husband), before you go to dinner at one of the fine restaurants and eateries within The Villages.

The gas powered ones get around 100 miles to the gallon, and the electric ones are mega efficient. There are many different species of carts here, as you can see from the pictures below. Many are personalized with their names, fancy wheels, awesome sound systems, and some have neon lights that flash underneath them. They also can be equipped in many different ways.

Some have only two seats, I have seen some that seat six! Those big ones are the size of a car. Many never use their carts on the golf course, they just use them as their means to get around. Which one would be best, you ask? That is a matter of preference. We purchased a 4 person, (2 people facing backwards), Yamaha gas cart because we were afraid that we would forget to plug it in, and run out of juice on the cart path! I would have liked to have been environmentally friendly and purchased an electric one, but that just wouldn't have worked for us. I admire those electric cart owners for their responsibility to our environment. I think of them every time I'm running to the gas station to fill up the cart. At that moment it would be great just to have to plug it in! The carts can come equipped with full dress which means you can zip all of the sides down and still be using the cart in the pouring rain. This happens in Central Florida, it can be a beautiful sunny day and then all of the sudden it clouds up and pours for a few minutes, then it is gone again!

The best thing to do is to visit the local cart stores. They can help you with your decision based upon your preferences and uses for the cart. Return from Golf Carts To Home Page