The Enrichment Academy

 The Enrichment Academy (TEA) is officially up and running with major success. 

The opportunities for learning and expanding your horizons here in The Villages continue with the activities at the Academy. The mission statement for The Enrichment Academy is as follows; "Committed in helping stimulate and empower participants to learn new skills and become fulfilled in learning through knowledge, mastery, and growth.

Once again the developers of The Villages had an exceptional vision about what we would all need and want as we get older. The catalog of The Enrichment Academy comes out twice a year showing all of the classes and instruction for the coming season. There are a variety of things to choose from, everything from scuba lessons to computer classes. I'm serious, if you always wanted to try learning a foreign language, ballroom dancing, or teach your dog some tricks, there are classes offered.

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Enrichment Academy

The class offerings vary from catalog to catalog depending on who is willing to share some of their vast knowledge with the rest of us. They do get a portion of the reasonable fee that is charged, which gives them some incentive to provide an informative and enjoyable class. Last Winter there was a class offered on "What Every Woman Needs To Know." HMMM...sorry I missed that one. That is a huge topic and could cover a variety of issues! Maybe it will be offered again in the future.

And there once again is an opportunity for those of you who cannot bear the thought of not working at something with the Enrichment Academy. You can submit your class offering to The College, and if there is enough interest in it, you can have a part time job ready to go in those "retirement" years!

Personally, I have taken the Managing Digital Images With Windows Live Photo Gallery offering. I found it to be very informative, and it has helped me with the skills needed to accomplish my goal of having this website. The instructors were very helpful, and it is obvious they were compassionate about what they have to teach. They sent us home with a computer disc full of the information they were teaching us, along with some phone numbers in case we get stumped. The instructors were part of a club in The Villages that love to share their computer savvy.

There are computer classes for every level of computer knowledge. Thank heaven there are people out there like that, who have not been left behind when it comes to computing! It is my experience that the older we are, the less we have been exposed to the computer world. Computers are not going away! Take my advice and grasp hold of this avenue for communication and learn how to "Skype" with your grand children! (Skype is a FREE way to see and talk live with another person via the computer screen.) can still live in sunny Florida and get to see your loved ones everyday via Skype.

Another class I signed up for was a one day class about easy cooking called "Dinner Parties For Dummies." It was at the instructor's home, and her and her husband made it fun and enjoyable. She walked us through 6 complete meals for 8 - 12 people in only 1 hour and 15 minutes. We got a copy of all of the recipes, and got to eat the food presented which made it even more fun. It pays to go to that class hungry!

Incidentally, all of these classes are available to anyone in or outside of The Villages. If you have already purchased outside The Villages, you will not be able to partake in the activities at the recreation centers, etc., but feel comforted that you can still take a class at the Enrichment Academy, and patronize the Town Squares and Restaurants.

Village residents get a discount on their class fees, even better if you are a Patron The Enrichment Academy. There is still time to get signed up for a Fall/Winter scheduled class, so what are YOU waiting for? None of us are getting any younger!

Check out the new catalog here.

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