This is an informative website created to bring you insider views and opinions concerning The Villages, The Villages FL, The Villages, FLA, and what ever else people call The Villages! This site is not guaranteed to be exactly accurate, but is based on the best of my abilities! The maker of this site has no intentions of sugar coating or misrepresenting the experience of being and living in The Villages.

There is no affiliation what so ever with this site and The Villages, Florida Organization. I just loved this place and wanted to have a website to share my enthusiasm! Please use the links I have provided to research further for yourself.


About Me

I go by the pen name Smart Sally. Not because I am trying to hide, it's just because I think it is cool to have a pen name!  I do own a home in the Village of Pennecamp, The Villages, Florida. I am officially a  Florida resident, and proud of it.  If you think it is more expensive to live in Florida, consider the expense of your state income tax.  Florida doesn't have it! Yea!  I have two degrees, a BSBA with an emphasis in Marketing and Management, and a BSE, specializing in Elementary Education. If you have a huge desire to contact me, you may at SmartSally@Live.com.

Thanks a million for using my website, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed making it.


Smart Sally

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