Indoor Activities Abound!

Colony Clay Club

The indoor activities at The Villages®  are truly too many to mention. The community has several neighborhood recreation centers, there will be one near you no matter what Village you are in.

Above is one of my friends in Pottery Club. She is a very talented artist, and I always enjoy her demonstrations and watching her create her masterpieces.

Bingo Activity

I have been to several of the Bingo night offerings, it is a lot of fun! I have never taken anything like that seriously, but there are both professional looking bingoers and lucky people like my neighbor Janet who had never been there before and she won twice in the same night!


All of the recreation centers have meeting rooms for everything from exercise, ballroom dance lessons, cards, games, or crafting. Plenty of space for any indoor activity.  

To top it off they are furnished quite nicely. All have a theme and they are places that you would enjoy showing your out of town visitors.

Billiards Activity Rooms

Some of the rec centers are furnished with several pool tables, ping pong tables, and plenty of dance floors for everything from exercise to ballroom dance lessons. Plenty of space for any indoor activity. They even have paddles and balls for table tennis, and all of your needs for billiards too! Great, HUH? 

These are all paid for in part by the monthly amenity fees which at the time of this writing are $142.00 per month. There is a recreation guide available every Thursday that is in The Villages® Daily Sun Newspaper.

If you do not wish to subscribe to the Daily Sun, you can pick up a copy of the Recreation Guide at any of the Recreation centers. It is your guide for that week of fun and frolic, both indoor and outdoor at all of the facilities. This guide is a must have.

There are so many choices that you have to circle them in the guide to make sure you don't forget and end up playing pickle ball instead of going to belly dancing lessons! What a crime that would be!

Yes, I have been to the belly dancing classes, it's a lot of fun! I love the little wraps that we wear to make us look professional and give that little jingle when we move.

How about playing scrabble or other board games? All are available every day of the week. Actually, I can't think of an indoor or outdoor activity that they do not offer! If you miss an activity from your hometown, you can always reserve a room, and agree to start a club where you can meet others missing that activity too!

Ping Pong Anyone?

My nephew was visiting during the summer and he loves ping-pong. I noticed in the Rec. Guide that there was open ping-pong at the Colony Rec. Center, so we went to check it out. These guys and gals are REALLY good players, and most play in tournaments on a regular basis.

There were probably 8 tables set up, and one of the guys was kind enough to give my nephew a few pointers while playing ping-pong with him. I got into the action also and learned a few techniques about ping-pong I never knew.

This is just an example of the opportunities to share The Villages® lifestyle with your family. One of the many reasons I Love It Here!

The line dancing lessons are great. They come in handy when you go up to one of the squares at night to watch the live entertainment and dance with the line dancers! It is my observation that there are more women than men who like to dance in The Villages®, Florida. This is where the line dancing comes in, (you don't need a partner to be dancing with someone).  Then again, with the nightly happy  hours at the corner drink counters, people tend to dance whether or not they are in front of a partner!   

Outdoor Recreation Activities

Unless you see this place to believe it, you won't, but I will try to tell you about the vast opportunities available for the active lifestyle most of us desire as we get older. Every activity I can think of is available here at The Villages®, and most are FREE, or come with a very small yearly fee.  The facilities are all covered under our monthly amenity fees. 

The Villages® has a Polo Field, which attracts polo players from all over the world. After watching Pretty Woman, I have always wanted to stomp divits at a Polo Match. Got my wish! Everyone goes out on the field during half time.

Game of Polo, Great Spectator Activity

The many activities are made possible in part by The Villages® desire to provide a wonderful place for people to enjoy their later years, and by all of the volunteers who take the time to organize and run the various clubs, teach the tennis or pickle ball lessons, give the free line dance lessons, or manage the Cart Club. The facilities needed for the different activities are provided in part by our reasonable Amenity Fees.

And here is another kicker, the equipment needed to play basketball, bocce ball, pickle ball, shuffleboard, tennis, all of it is available at the recreation center, you can borrow it. 

Paddle Tennis


They do not have the fishing poles, but the fishing club will loan you poles, etc. Top That!!

Bocce Ball In Every Village

Sounds hard to believe, but remember, we all have more time since we are not running off to a full time job! It will bring you great joy to be involved in something that you truly love to do.

The Recreation Guide is your main source for all of the activities of the week.  It comes out every Thursday in The Villages® Daily Sun newspaper, or you can pick one up at the local recreation center.  A daily schedule is also in the Daily Sun newspaper, or on the local Villages TV station.  Highlight the activities you are interested in so you don't lose track of them. 

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