Would You Like To Retire In Florida?


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Think it would be fun to retire in Florida? It's that time in our lives that most of us strive for....Retirement.  Ok, get ready for some of the biggest changes in your life.  Different schedules, different activities, new friends, and lot's of time to think.  

  All I can tell you is.....hold on!  It is definitely what you make it.  I hope to give you and show you information about where I live, and the surrounding area's options for housing, activities, etc.  I call home The Villages®, FL Community, which is in Central Florida, between Ocala and Orlando.  There are many options for housing in The Villages®, along with others near for Family Housing, Mobile homes, RV's, and camping. WAIT... if you are living in a tent, don't retire, you should GET A JOB! 

If you decide not to purchase or rent in The Villages Community, the surrounding communities get to enjoy many of the wonderful amenities of The Villages® like the town squares, restaurants, and shopping.   There are smaller ones surrounding The Villages® community, so you can pick which activities mean the most to you, and choose a place near them. 

From my experience, the other parks and subdivisions charge more for fewer amenities, there isn't a bond, and you don't get to drive your golf cart up to the free entertainment every night, let alone all of the restaurants and shopping.  You don't have as many golf courses to choose from either!

There is plenty to keep you busy soaking up the sun, while learning new things, making new friends, and staying happy, all in Central Florida.